We are the proven exports in corporate conference planning and we continue to develop new ways to enhance your event whilst adhering to our basic commitments:
– Correct conference theme and content selection so as to add the greatest value to your company and delegates.
– Location of highly effective, but cost-efficient, thought leaders for keynoce speeches.
– Assistance in the design of presentations, workshops and break-out sessions and the successful implementation of them.
– Assistance in the capturing of key ideas, condusions and actions and the presentation of these to the client in an implementation report.
– To help prepare and coach key leaders so they emerge as ‘rock stars’ of the business world from their presentation, and inspire delegates to take the necessary actions.
– To create wide-scale interactions relative to an identified key area,where multiple ideas and strategies will be gathered from all the delegates in a form that can be acted upon, using a ‘world cafe’.
– To design and conduct innovative sessions to deepen relationships and break down barners between participants.
– To meet with the client’s senior leaders after the event and help set up a way to implement the key items that have been decieded upon and committed.